Sam Houston Library Hours and Information

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

(Mondays 3:10-4:00. Note for after school reading will follow at a later date)


When can I check out books?

During your class assigned library time or with a pass from your teacher, if you have read all books checked out and AR tested on the books.

How many books may I check out?

Students may check out three books at a time for K-1st, and four books for 2nd-5th.

My library book is missing. What do I do?

Visit the library to see if someone has turned it in. Check all your classrooms to see if it was left behind. Look again! Most students who think they have lost books find them in their family vehicles, homes, closets or bottom of their backpacks.

What if my book is overdue?

Turn it in! No late fees are charged for overdue books, but you cannot check out a book from any CCISD library unless you turn in the late book.

Is there study hall available in the library?

Yes! Most Mondays from 3:10-4:30. Starting schedule will be announced at a later time.

May I bring food to the library?

Sorry, food and drinks are not allowed in the library.

What if I lost my book?

If you are certain you lost the book, the librarian  can print out an itemized list with price of the book. Payment for lost book must be made in the library.