Campus Safety and Security

Campus Security procedures have been implemented to promote the safety and security of our students.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to make Sam Houston a safe and productive learning environment.


Morning Drop-Off Procedures:
  • All students should enter the building from the front doors. 
  • Pre-K and Kinder Students will be dropped off in the cafeteria in the morning.
  • Grades 1-5 students will wait in designated areas.
  • Staff Members will walk tardy students to class if needed.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the hallways before or after school unless a scheduled conference with a teacher is set.
All Parents and Visitors Must:
  • Enter through the main entrance of the school building.
  • Show an ID and sign in at the front office.
  • Wear the computer printed name badge at all times while on campus.
  • Sign-out and give name badge to school personnel when leaving the campus.
  • Have an ID that matches the emergency card when checking students out for appointments or due to illness.
  • Adults who have not checked in and are not wearing the badge should expect to be redirected to the front office.  


Spotlight on Safety:     What happens when a campus goes into Lockdown?
Lockdowns at CCISD schools are an established, preventative safety measure.  During a lockdown, all exterior doors and classroom doors are locked and students and staff are directed to remain in their classrooms.  All outside activities are cancelled and signs are posted at all locked entrances designating NO SCHOOL ACCESS.  Parents may not pick up their children until the lockdown is lifted.
Per CCISD Campus Response Procedures, lockdowns can be used to address bomb threats, severe weather conditions, terroristic threats, death and/or suicide at school, and civil disruption. Often times, schools may go into lockdown while police officers are looking for a suspect in the vicinity of a school or if there is an ongoing incident that requires police presence in the area of the school.  Lockdowns, while not routine, do happen a few times a month throughout the District whenever police are working an active crime situation.  In these cases, lockdowns do not necessarily mean something is happening at the school; rather, they are for the SAFETY of the students and staff as incidents play out in the areas near a school.
(Inside CCISD; Fall 2012 Issue)