Health and Wellness

The goal of the CCISD Office of Student Health Services is to support the health and wellness of all students through health screening and immunization monitoring, control the spread of communicable disease, provide nursing consultation and specialized care for children with special health care needs and support a healthy and safe school environment. Sam Houston Elementary has a full time RN on staff to assist students.
All medications that need to be given at school must be brought to the nurse's office.  Students cannot administer medications in their classroom.  As per CCISD policy, all over the counter medications must have a signed Parent Authorization form in the student health clinic before over the counter medications can be given at school. 

Head Lice:
Parents please help us to keep the spread of head lice under control.   Please tell your children not to wear other children's coats, hats, or hair accessories.  Check your child's head at least once a week for nits (eggs) to be sure they have not become infected.  To control the lice, the nits must be removed by pulling them off of the hair shaft.  Remember, children who have adult lice will be excluded from school. 

If you have any questions please contact our school nurse:  Vanessa Salas at 878-2520. 


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